On 2021/04/30 – Innovation Station – episode 31 (TVP Polonia)

On 2021/03/26 – Two frames from the filming of the…(read more)

number 4 2020 XI edition of the “Lider” program (pdf) – Pismo Forum Uczelniane

On 2020/11/06 interview for “KRONIKA SZCZECIŃSKA” …(read more)

On 2019/11/28, in the Regional Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer, at the 2019 Industrial Bridge International Business Meetings, I’ve had the pleasure to meet a number of European manufacturers I might cooperate with in the near future. Thank you, RCITT! For a long time, such an illustrious event has not been organised, but it’s finally here! …(read more)

On 2019/11/26, we have had the pleasure to give a lecture at the 5th National Scientific Conference in Poland on “Innovation Management in Business”. We are very grateful to the University in Szczecin for this invitation. …(read more)