Consultinga 10-hour package per month for consulting and troubleshooting minor technological and production problems
Analysis of production emergenciesidentification of issues and evaluation of underlying causes, suggested solutions, recommendations on implementation of new solutions
Verification of new technological solutionspreliminary analysis of opportunities to introduce new technology or replace the existing one;
financial feasibility analysis of changes to be implemented; assessment of time required to introduce such changes
Development of long-term projects/tasksanalysis and preparation of long-term projects/tasks, preparation of operational schedule (in case operational time exceeds 10 hours per month)
Fault removaldetection of faults in production process, recommended actions to improve production


Analysis of technological solutions being usedactions at the production line aiming to verify whether all operations are performed correctly, comply with process guidelines and are free of negligence
Analysis of technological processesanalysis of production processes and their optimisation through selection of the best parameters, capability to apply new solutions
Verification of new technological solutionsverification of capability to replace currently used technologies and introduce new technologies; profitability of changes to be introduced; verification of time required to introduce such changes
Error removalcorrection of errors at the production line which cause e.g. mould opening problems; elimination of losses, implementation of actions aiming to improve production efficiency and profitability; optimisation of technological and production processes


Financial feasibility studyfinancial analysis allowing to determine profitability of a new product and its potential costs
Prototype developmentdevelopment of ready prototypes/solutions
Reagent selectionmarket analysis, reagent selection
Establishment of manufacturing stationestablishment of potential manufacturing station, introducing prototypes to manufacturing, relevant training for employees
Selling licencesselling licences for developed products


Capability to introduce specific systemsrelevance analysis for implementation of control systems e.g. production management, quality control or troubleshooting
Financial feasibility studydetermination of company’s needs, verification against profitability of selected control system at the company, determination of company’s needs
Assistance for system implementationimplementation of production systems, 5S solutions, 7 steps, troubleshooting systems


Problem studyverification of relevant technological problem and establishing whether any solution is possible
Reagent selectionanalysis of used parameters and correct calibration of such parameters
Material selectionselection of raw materials and establishment of the best recipe for manufacturing purposes
Solving technological issuessupport for the company in solving technological issues
Elimination of manufacturing faultselimination of faults to remove technological problems, elimination of losses, improvements allowing to increase production profitability and efficiency


Production machines/linesanalysis of customer’s needs; analysis of production machine/line vendor market and available quotations; preparation of recommended procurement reports
Laboratory equipmentanalysis of required equipment and assistance in selection and purchase of laboratory equipment
Componentscomponent selection, preliminary price analysis of raw materials available on the market and their supply terms


Product data sheetspreparation of documentation and product data sheets
Safety data sheetsassistance in preparation of material safety data sheets
Laboratoryanalysis of required equipment and assistance in selection
and purchase of laboratory equipment or additional laboratory equipment for an existing laboratory; preparation of laboratory work procedures including relevant laboratory staff training; designing layout of laboratory considering company’s needs and laboratory safety conditions
Technical documentationanalysis of technical documents circulating at the company; preparation of technica documentation (station instructions, procedures, reports)
Patent documentationpreparation of documents for patent applications
Raw material quality checkdevelopment of raw material quality check process, relevant staff training,
preparation and implementation of raw material quality check procedures

We ensure carefully prepared, customised approach to each customer, analysing its needs to the very details. Once these are defined, we prepare suggested solutions for reported problems or ideas. Then, we present a plan of action together with relevant schedule, and we discuss it with our customer, step by step. Once all of the above are accepted by our customer, we implement the actions we have agreed upon.

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